Gérard Pesson VOST (EN)

Gérard Pesson (durée : 3'42''14)

extrait de"Mes béatitudes", interprété par l'ensemble RECHERCHE (2001) paru chez Aeon, une production de HL PROD 2002 avec l'aimable autorisation des Editions Henry Lemoine - Paris - ASIN: B0025EC570

Pilote de la collection qui a optenu le prix Recherche & Innovation au festival HD de Paris

"I think, distance best describes what my music is about. Composing music is essentially like trying to bring something closer which is far away and the sound which I try to shape or which I imagine has to do with that distance. It has also to do with a sort of irony and doubt as well as scepticism towards language, which is another way to mark a distance with matter. The composer is like an artisan of time, like a watchmaker or an archaeologist ; time is his principal matter. He will shape what he believes to be time. In music, there is always this idea of unwinding… he has to shape it by rhythms, by stopping and by a particular kind of energy. Basically, a composer is accountable for time. I think composing is a craftsman’s job, very graphical in the beginning, the pencil is indeed important. I often say , that I write music with pencils picked up on the ground, which may give them a talismanic force ; but for my music, the rubber is equally important, because, basically I un-write as much as I write ; my music is written in this relationship of what is given and what is taken away... For example, on the first page of « Mes béatitudes » you can see very well how the three string instruments ,violin, viola and cello are written, you can see a kind of strident energy emerging ; the string instruments play extremely high-pitched notes, that’s what is called « eternal colophanes » which means, that the finger is very, very, very close to not being able to advance any more, while, in the background, the piano gives verticals with a lot of space in between, opposing a sort of regular pulsation against this extremely violent and strident stream."